Well that’s a heck of a catch

This photograph was taken by a guest our 9:30 Dead of Night bus tour on Saturday that was led by Charmaine. Taken in front of Gates of prayer cemetary, there are many stories that could explain this relating to this cemetary. What do you think she caught? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #NOLA paranormal, #ghosts, #paranormal, #paranormal investigations, #ghostContinue reading “Well that’s a heck of a catch”

Possible Ghost Photos?

From Savhanna S. 1. Face like apparition on right side next to headstone. 2-3. Strange light stream in middle of walkway between tombs. One photo with and without the light. 4. Highly unlikely to be paranormal but thought I send just to make sure. White streak going behind memorial. Could be another tour goer. ThankContinue reading “Possible Ghost Photos?”

Le Petit Theatre

New Orleans has so many stories of hauntings that one tour can never cover them all. This is Le Petit Theatre, a haunted location that won’t often be covered on walking tours. Wanna know more? This blog covers its history and hauntings beautifully! http://hauntednation.blogspot.com/2016/09/le-petit-theatre-du-vieux-carre-new.html?m=1

Light Anomaly

This photo is a beautiful example of the light anomalies we catch in Gates of Prayer cemetary even during the day. Sent to us by Tamara B. Do you see it?

Sorry for our absence!

We had a series of family emergencies that occupied our world last month, but we are finally getting back to publishing. I have so many things to share, but let’s start with something to set the mood. What’s your favorite paranormal quote?

From last night – St. Louis 3

It really has become something new everyday! This picture was captured on Cedric’s 9:30pm Dead of Night Bus tour. From Joe and Steph Taylor In St. Louis 3, we talk about how many child apparitions we pick up in photographs, but I have to say…they dont normally have a clear skin tone nor can youContinue reading “From last night – St. Louis 3”

Flashback to November 2018

We recieved this intriguing photo from one of our guests on November 7. 2018 From Latoria Cowan This is a pic taken during the tour on Hallween.. Cedric was our guide. I didn’t have a chance to address this with him after the tour. Taken at Charity Cemetary I asked her in the comments whatContinue reading “Flashback to November 2018”

St. Louis Cemetary No. 3 Daytime Apparition

We get asked a lot on our tours if people pick up evidence during the day. And while I will say it’s not as common, it does happen. And yesterday was one of those days. Sent to us by mbchurch who took Cedric’s 7pm bus tour. Thank you so much for the best ghosts tourContinue reading “St. Louis Cemetary No. 3 Daytime Apparition”

Flash Back! Charity Hospital Cemetary Apparition

This photo was shared with N.O.P.E. team all the way back on June 11. 2018. Back when we still took people through the trees. Before that became too dangerous. From Sarah Ehlers: So the guy on the left walked in front of me…but the girl on the right???? No little girls on our tour andContinue reading “Flash Back! Charity Hospital Cemetary Apparition”

Activity at Gates of Prayer Cemetary

Nikki Lynn shared with us these photos from her tour this weekend. She and her husband definitely caught some good light anomalies and one pretty convincing shadow figure. What do you see? From Nikki Lynn My husband Dennis Edward Gade and I took the 9:30p tour with Haunted History and had Eevie as our guide,Continue reading “Activity at Gates of Prayer Cemetary”