NOPE – New Orleans Paranormal Explorers

There is more to New Orleans than Bourbon St. Visit us to explore the stranger things in New Orleans.

Our Activities

From private paranormal investigations to classes in the paranormal, the NOPE team has a variety of things to do in New Orleans that are not in the average brochure. Contact us at for information and prices. Everything we do is on a sliding scale/donation basis. We want everyone to be able to enjoy New Orleans and the supernatural.

For information on all things paranormal and plenty of true ghost stories, visit the Nola Paranormal blog

Our Investigators

Our lead investigators are a husband and wife team that have been chasing the paranormal together since they first met 15 years ago. Cedric Whittaker and Eevie Ford don’t consider themselves “ghost hunters”. They consider themselves investigators of the natural world that we do not yet understand. Eevie has a degree in History with a specialization in oral history and folklore from Texas A&M University, and her interest in our legends and our history has been life long. Cedric is a former EMT and firefighter. His career left him with experiences he could not quite explain and a hunger to understand.

Eevie and Cedric Photo by Bob Plant

Sedna Hemlock is here! I am a New Orleans certified guide. You can see me giving both French Quarter ghost tours, or out in the wild giving cemetery tours. Welcome to my Tomb Talk. I’m in two paranormal investigation groups ; N.O.P.E. and Darklight Paranormal. By joining this fantastic team,  I hope to bring you closer to the mysteries and legends that never left New Orleans. A natural clairvoyant and Medium with a rapport for befriending people including the dead. A reviewer once said ” Sedna Hemlock knows the dead here. They know her too, strangely.”

I hope you enjoy my future investigation and storytelling. I’m so grateful to be here with you at Fright Night and N.O.P.E. 

Ghosts and toasts, Sedna Hemlock, Ghost Huntress

Venmo @Sedna-Hemlock

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