New job!!!!

N.O.P.E. has a new tour home! Cedric, Eevie and Moira are all now working for Haunted History here in New Orleans. We are still out there doing ghost hunts on bus tours and doing investigations on our own of some of the new locations that our job investigates.  Request us at for the DeadContinue reading “New job!!!!”

Welcome back!

Not gonna lie, we have been so bust with work that we have sorely neglected this page. In fact we never really got started. I apologize for that and Cedric, Moira and I have committed to getting more content for this site. So to that end, I am sharing a series of pictures that wereContinue reading “Welcome back!”

Getting the ball rolling! The Ursuline Convent

  Greetings guys!  It’s been a while coming, but we are finally starting to get images and videos up and running for the website.  I thought we would start with an oldie but goodie, these photographs taken during a tour one night last winter at the Ursuline Convent.  The photographs were taken as a burstContinue reading “Getting the ball rolling! The Ursuline Convent”