Flashback to November 2018

We recieved this intriguing photo from one of our guests on November 7. 2018

From Latoria Cowan

This is a pic taken during the tour on Hallween.. Cedric was our guide. I didn’t have a chance to address this with him after the tour. Taken at Charity Cemetary

I asked her in the comments what I was looking at and if there were people around when the photograph was taken. This was her response.

I only took pics of empty space on the tour. I thought I accidently took one of people as well.. However I destinctly remember that the only person wearing FULL WHITE on our bus was a person dressed as a zombie bride. It really intrigued me!

Intriguing, indeed. From experience, there are no lights in this area that would cause this kind of lens flare and there are no reflective surfaces at all. This was taken in Charity Hospital Cemetary in the most paranormal active part of the cemetary.

Published by Lisa "Eevie" Ford

Amelia Whittaker was the pseudonym that I used as a character in the Airship Isabella story-line. I grew up in small town Texas, have a B.A. in History, and at one time, traveled the world working for Airship Isabella as a maker and as the business manager. I retired from that crazy life in January 2018, and since then have taken up my dream retirement job as a tour guide telling ghost stories and tales of vampires in the city of New Orleans for Haunted History Tours and N.O.P.E. Nowadays, people just call me Eevie.

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